PaperPort Standard (ESD)

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Part Number: ESN-6809Z-W00-14.0

Let PaperPort Standard manage, organize, scan, and share your files to enhance efficiency and productivity. It allows the editing and storing or files like a pro.

PaperPort Standard Product Highlights:

  • Convert documents to digital format.
  • Compatible with all-in-one printer and mobile and desktop scanners.
  • Search documents quickly.
  • Allows editing and viewing of PDF documents.
  • This software is a digital license product.
  • It only supports Windows devices.
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PaperPort Standard

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CDs/DVDs and boxes.

PaperPort Standard is the latest software to manage, scan, share, and search documents. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all your files because PaperPort Standard helps you organize them digitally. Furthermore, it enhances productivity, allowing you to focus on essential tasks.

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Stores Documents Well

Simply your tasks by organizing your files in a way that would make it easy for you to search for them. You can also share and scan stored documents all in one place.

Editable Files

All stored files can be viewed, edited, and shared quickly.

Searchable PDF Documents

Access all your digital documents with an easy search action.

Convert Paper to Text

With a simple and easy step, you can convert paper into text and edit them using Word or Excel.

Integration of Scanner Devices

Allows you an all-in-one printer and mobile and desktop scanner to work seamlessly with PaperPort Standard.

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10 reviews for PaperPort Standard (ESD)

  1. Augustin Baxter

    PaperPort is a convenient product, and I love the features, use it daily.

  2. Dennis Mann

    Very useful if you do a lot of scanning and assembling of papers. If your scan is stuck, you should make decisions to take up where it left off. Simple to delete pages that you don’t use or remove pages if needed.

  3. Ashley Gordon

    I like that it is super easy to access, and it hardly ever breaks down on me. I scan multiple documents daily, and it is super fast.

  4. Lisette Johnson

    Super fast and quick to use, not a lot of frills in the way the object works. The product’s ins and outs are still being learned, but it operates just as expected for absolute fundamental scanning.

  5. Thomas Humphreys

    I like that it’s super easy to access, and it hardly ever breaks down on me. I scan multiple documents daily, and it’s super fast.

  6. Leonardo Rafferty

    Super simple and easy to use, not a lot of frills in the way of how the product performs. Still learning the product’s ins and outs, it works as expected for complete basic scanning.

  7. Todd Pearson

    I think it’s great that you can make your forms and spreadsheets and reorganize the material on them, whatever you want.

  8. Julia Blanchard

    I had no complaints! Been using the product for years!

  9. Ava Turner

    PaperPort is an excellent document management software that helps streamline paper-based workflows. It allows me to organize, scan, and store documents digitally, reducing clutter and improving efficiency.

  10. Benjamin Giles

    Very accurate scanning and converting tool. But the documents or images must be high-quality for them to convert accurately.

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